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At first thought he'd imagined it, that the lessening of the force was merely an illusion due to his pressure sensor going off line. But no; he was now able to stand up straight, and even make a few tentative steps forward, motor systems running on what were the equivalent of fumes. He kept going for another ten metres, and then fired off the grapple. It reached the device with ease, fixing itself to the surrounding frame. As soon as that happened Torbin found himself being forced to the cable's taut limit. It then winched him slowly towards the device. With zero mechanical power left, he was completely at its mercy. Had it known he was in trouble? There was undoubtedly an intelligence there. The device had a neural structure; it had buy youtube views a sense of self-preservation, but it had no reason to save Torbin ... unless it thought he could be useful. When he looked closer he noticed the surrounding frame had a cylindrical object attached, a plastic band, wrapped around it – a loudspeaker. He knew Roidon had some strange obsession with his original device, believing it to possess some preternatural sentience. Torbin said to it, 'Do you know who I am?' It didn't answer, perhaps it was an unnecessary question, so he tried again. 'Please. Tell me what I need to do.' 'Integrate.' The voice was as metallic as the metal frame, utterly without any semblance of human expression. 'How?' 'Closer.' Torbin tried to reason what use it would make of him, whether he'd even survive. youtube But only for a few seconds. He allowed himself to be winched further towards the vibrating device. At this point his vision became so distorted he couldn't make out what was happening to him, but the sound of drilling was unmistakable – and the stark realisation that he was in the presence of a sentient lifeform. His awareness dimmed for some indeterminate time. youtube Then there were stars; the attacking Elusiver ships. When Torbin looked buy youtube views down he even saw himself, his metal torso, tethered but in space. google How could this be, when he was with the device? The Elusiver ships were still firing, aiming in his direction. Yet their missiles did not hit him; exploding nearby, as they had previously done. And he had not the slightest sense of fear; fear was something Torbin would have felt – even that remaining nub in the machine body. But he was not Torbin any more, Torbin was merely a component of the greater whole. The process of merging felt complete. Now he truly understood. *** 52 This buy youtube views seemed to be a character from a nightmare: its reptilian face loomed over him. Scott immediately believed it to be hostile. But the moment he began to feel that biochemical response of fear, the creature changed to something more benign; this more human face had superimposed on the original until becoming opaquely dominant. Scott was still recumbent on the ship's couch, the interface array buy youtube views gone. Instead this now very human-looking being peered over at him. The being spoke to him. 'Do you know buy youtube views how long you have been in transit?' The voice was soft and devoid any distinguishing accent, which somehow fitted the androgynous features. 'No,' Scott replied, vaguely. 'Sixty-two of your Earth years.' 'Then I'm too late.' 'That would be a moot term at this moment. Your gravitenetic shield was about to collapse. If it had done so you would have been erased from this continuum.' 'Graviten.... I don't understand,' he admitted. 'This is our technology, it is how we detected your craft.' The being then told